All three locations participate in the community! 
Wayne, Denville & Newfoundland

Medical Park Imaging In The Community

At MPI we like to donate, participate and support many programs and events in our community and abroad.


Medical Park Imaging has sent over 30 large boxes overseas and we continue to do so bi-weekly!


Support Our Troops in Afghanistan

Medical Park Imaging is collecting items for care packages that we will be sending to Afghanistan. If you would like to drop off small toiletries, none perishable food, cards, hardcandy, or any none breakable items to any of our three location we will send do the packing and pay for all the shipping. We have a contact in Afghanistan that will disperse the items to as many soldiers as possible. 

Here's a great and unique Idea: As we all know there are so many soldiers with family here in the US that would love to send home a card but do not have the resources to buy them. Pick up a card at your local store and send it over blank so they can personalize it and send it to their loving support at home.


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Medical Park Imaging in the Community!


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